O’REILLYS Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silver Auction Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 at 1pm

Diamond Bracelet Diamond line bracelets are a classic style statement in their own right, but it’s the setting of this one in particular that I love.The diamonds are beautiful and bright and the ‘cut-down’ prongs have a very antique feel and give it a great point of difference. Frog Brooch This little frog is so sweet; his diamond back glints under the light and the tiny emeralds set for his eyes are a beautiful finishing detail. An ideal piece to celebrate spring! AUCTION OF FINE JEWELLERY, WATCHES & SILVER • WEDNESDAY, 22nd MAY 2019 52 Trending now… NATASHA’S TOP PICKS Natasha Sherling, consultant gemmologist at O’Reillys, selects her top three favourite pieces from this months auction. 4 Lot 100 Lot 478 Lot 332 Peridot Heart This gold-wrapped peridot heart is inspired by an iconic design by NewYork (by way of Italy) jeweller FulcoVerdura.The delicate gold ropes cut through the electric green of the stones and it can be worn as either brooch or pendant.