O’REILLYS Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silver Auction Wednesday, 28th August 2019 at 1pm

AUCTION OF FINE JEWELLERY, WATCHES & SILVER • WEDNESDAY, 28th AUGUST 2019 2 Brooches are an easy way to personalise an outfit while tapping into the trend that keeps coming back.They have a timeless quality about them, meaning you can keep them forever. Brooches are pins have been used to fasten clothing items like scarves since the middle ages, often associated with royalty.They only became more mainstream in the 1920s and 1930s when brands like Cartier and Tiffany’s started to design them, still appealing to those of the upper class.Today, brooches are a more common accessory with an uncommon charm.They require a minimal amount of thought in outfit pairing and can transform any simple blouse or jacket into something a little more intriguing. Lot 115 Lot 337 Lot 538 Lot 537 Lot 369 Lot 061 Lot 437 Lot 114 Lot 362 Lot 521 Lot 324 Lot 522 Lot 063 Lot 421 Lot 378 Lot 364 Lot 022 Lot 062 Lot 060 BROOCHES ARE BACK AGAIN! Lot 024